Livin Lite Recreational Vehicles in Denver, Colorado - Failure to meet delivery date, faulty trailer with componenot supplied per the sales agreement and not issuing promised $1000...

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LivinLite has been a very difficult company to deal with. I placed a custom order for the 16 TBS in late October and was promised delivery in mid December. The trailer showed up some 3 months late in mid March.

Upon inspection of the trailer there were several key components missing that were part of the sales agreement. There were numerous other faults including blemishes on the exterior panel, incorrect tires, deeply scratched windows, cabinet doors that were out of alignment, missing sewer caddy and light fixtures that were not centered.

The custom unit was to have an exterior exhausting range hood. I believe that engineering failed to make correction to the design to accommodate the exterior vent. I was never notified that LivinLite could not supply this item per our sales agreement until after the trailer arrived.

There was a considerable add on charge for additional engineering for some of the components that were ordered, such as the exhaustible range hood that were never provided.

I have had countless e-mails and phone calls with LivinLite to correct the shortcomings and faults with this unit. Some of them I have corrected and items such as the range hood I will simply have to live with even though we were charged considerably for this upgrade.

I was offered a rebate of $1000 in the first part of April by LivinLite. I have contacted them on numerous occasions to inquire the status of the rebate. LivinLite has failed to respond to my request or issue the check.

There are many other outstanding light weight trailer companies on the market today. I sincerely wish I had considered any one of them over the dealings, effort and time I have had to put forth in getting LivinLite to meet their promises and what was agreed to at the time of sale.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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thanks will go with ATC as I can get nobody at LL to acknowledge any inquiry.


Thanks for the review....

I'll go with Casita!

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